Ultrasoft Money

Organize your everyday finances – anytime, anywhere

This product is discontinued.

Ultrasoft Money is a complete Personal Financial Manager right on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or SmartPhone, and it synchronizes seamlessly with Microsoft® Money 2002 and later.

No more surprise
overdraft charges

Always know exactly
where you stand

Ultrasoft Money makes it easy to keep track of your spending. Use it every day to enter checking, credit card, cash and other transactions.

With AutoComplete and memorized transactions, Ultrasoft Money allows you to enter everyday transactions with only a few taps of the stylus or keyboard, usually before you get your receipt.

Transactions entered in Microsoft Money on your desktop are downloaded to your handheld so you can see what's on the horizon before you write a check or make a debit.

And Ultrasoft Money is secure. With the included security module, you can assign a password that is virtually unbreakable, and your important account data is encrypted.

Transaction details

Ultrasoft Money allows you to set up accounts on your handheld. It allows you to add categories and classifications, and memorize transactions. It lets you record payments, deposits, transfers and split transactions, and even keeps track of your paycheck details.

Something not quite right? The Flag for Follow-up feature lets you annotate transactions, so you won't forget to deal with problems.

With its included international currency add-in, Ultrasoft Money lets you keep track of accounts and transactions in multiple currencies. It even synchronizes exchange rates with Microsoft Money.